Horse riding is an increasingly diverse activity. It's quite normal, horses, we're all crazy. So, as soon as you feel like a particular activity, it would not be surprising if you choose horseback riding. To help you in your desire to embrace this new activity, or to enjoy it even more, we present you the first equestrian center. In this center you will find everything you need to familiarize yourself with the world of horseback riding. If you like horses, or you want to know them, this is the place where you absolutely must be. You could even take advantage of this center to share with your children your passion for horses.

An equestrian center to visit at all costs, especially with the family

We invite you to our riding center. You can ride there on horseback. You will have the opportunity to learn to do with professionals who have made their passion a profession. And if you are already used to riding, you will only have to offer yourself ballads, as well as some jumps of obstacles within our structure. None, fear, because all the equipment will be available to you, if you do not have one. You can even find equipment for sale, to be more at ease. It is also a center in which you will enjoy going there with your whole family. Treat yourself to a good time thanks to the various activities available to you. And if you do not know until today, know that teaching a child to make a horse from an early age will allow it to be quite flourishing later. So, if you feel like these moments, do not hesitate to pass in our center. If only to take a look, we are waiting for you. Whatever is certain, you will be delighted to know, and frequent this first equestrian center, we guarantee you.